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A-IDIO Swan-Neck Coffee Kettle

This stylishly designed kettle is both elegant and functional. Its long, graceful swan-neck makes precise pours so much easier.
The set includes a stylish wooden top and black flannel accessory bag for easily carry on.  The striking handle is comfy to hold and counterweighted to help you better control your pours and get as much or as little water into your brew as you need. With a kettle like the A-IDIO Swan-Neck KETTLE, you will always be able to brew perfect coffee and enjoy the café lifestyle anytime and anywhere.

240ml Pour Over Coffee Kettle

  • *AWARD: 2017 Golden Pin Design Award.

    *MATERIAL: Made by 304 Stainless Steel: smooth, dries quickly, and rustproof

    *DESIGN CONCEPT: 5mm Goose-neck narrow spout and easy grip handle design for precise water flow for pour over coffee. Wooden lid with supreme fit.

    *PATENT ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Patent no:106301397

  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel 

    Capacity: 240l coffee kettle long spout

    Package include:

    1 x pour over kettle , 1 x A-IDIO Wooden lid ,1x flannel bag

    Available colors: blue, pink, brown, rose gold

    Design by Taiwan / Made in China

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