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Geometry Beauty, Exquisite Design

The iron frame below presents a unique geometric linear pattern, combining modernity with minimalist style. Its delicate design is particularly suitable for holding various types of cups such as tall glasses, coffee cups, tea cups, and mugs.


Easily retrieving cups with its rear-hanging design

Allowing you to effortlessly access the cups at the back through its geometric design. There’s no need to reach for the entire row of cups, which can save your time and keep your space neat and organized.


Simple installation without damaging the cabinet.

No construction or drilling required. Just simply hang the shelf on the cabinet's board, adjust the tightness, and the cup holder can be firmly secured onto the board firmly.

It won't affect the normal use of the cabinet. Doors can still be opened and closed freely.


Forever pristine with titanium-plated stainless steel.

We select high-quality stainless steel and apply titanium plating to its surface, ensuring scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, and long-lasting durability of the cup holder.


Sturdy structure and strong load-bearing capacity:

With a sturdy design and thick steel material, it ensures excellent load-bearing ability. You can store cups of different sizes and weights securely without concerning about safety.


Magician of Space

In the kitchen or commercial settings, you can freely combine multiple sets to match your needs and available space and create your ideal setup.

A-IDIO Cups Holder Rack (under cabinet)

color: champagne gold
  • *No drilling required, easy installation with adjustable tightness by direct shelf hanging.
    *Convenient access, cups can be retrieved directly from the rear.
    *Suitable for tall glasses, coffee cups, mugs, and coffee pots.
    *Made of stainless steel for strong load-bearing capacity.
    *Titanium-plated surface for scratch and corrosion resistance, never rusts.


  • Product Specifications:
    Dimensions: 27x20x7cm
    Weight: 410 grams
    Materials: Stainless steel, titanium
    Country of Origin: Taiwan

    *This product is suitable for cabinet thickness of 1.6 to 2.2cm, depths of 27cm
    *Each package includes cup holder x1, screws x2.

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