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It makes the process of brewing coffee as a kind of visual feast.
Coffee stand with just right height- offering sufficient time on pouring water to contact with air. Make coffee taste sweeter.
Bottom solid wooden base is warm and sleek-supporting diamond metal frame and dripper. And it keeps table clean and waterless.
Blend diamond shape into whole appearance design-It presents life aesthetic of coffee appliance. Let brewing coffee is not only the enjoyment of taste and aroma, but also a visual feast.

Diamond Pour Over Coffee Stand

  • * Diamond shape coffee stand bring you life aesthetics.

    * With thick wooden base, provide more stable support on diamond dripper

    * Suitable for any kind of dripper . Below also can be put any kind of pot or cups

    * Also can be Ice Brew Coffee Stand

    * The bracket and wooden based can be separated for easier storage

  • Size:Cofee Stand 165*150*150mm

    dripper 65*110*110mm
    • Material :304 stainless steel, wood base
    • Color  available: : Black  , Rose Gold

    • Made in Taiwan

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